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If we can prepare ourselves for life’s adversities by Putting Our Own Oxygen Mask On First”, we can continue to move forward and regain our personal power and strength. We can then emerge into the competent, confident, congruent person we are choosing to become. It is a choice to make positive changes in our lives. Choose to BE an Empowered You!

Individual Mindfulness

“Healing the planet begins with healing one individual at a time” by Kamala. Become mindful within yourself.

Group Mindfulness

Being mindful in a group, people are enabled to bring together their energy and manifest greater potential.

Corporate Mindfulness

Interested in increased productivity, employee happiness and longevity? Bring mindfulness to work.

Societal Mindfulness

Create a more mindful world by being accepting, kind and empathic! Each person contributes to society!

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Guided Imagery

Guided imagery (sometimes called guided meditation, visualization, mental rehearsal and guided self-hypnosis) is a gentle but powerful technique that focuses the imagination in proactive, positive ways. It can be as simple as an athlete’s 5-second pause, just before leaping off the diving board, imagining how a perfect dive feels when slicing through the water. Or it can be as complex as imagining the busy, focused buzz of thousands of loyal immune cells, swarming out of the thymus gland on a search and destroy mission to wipe out unsuspecting cancer cells.



"Gi provided me with a warm and compassionate place in which I felt safe sharing my most vulnerable personal struggles. In a nurturing, yet provocative way, she helped me to truly transform the relationship I had with myself; learning that all that I had been through (though difficult) had actually prepared me for who I was to become. Her excellent guidance helped me to recognize my inner strength, my unique talents, and to build the confidence to share these with the world. I now own my own personal development business at my dream location in Lake Tahoe, California!" - Rob