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When we can prepare ourselves for life’s adversities by Putting Our Own Oxygen Mask On First”, we can continue to move forward and regain our personal power and strength. We can then emerge into the competent, confident, congruent person we are choosing to become. It is a choice to make positive changes in our lives. Choose to BE an Empowered You!  ~ Gi Indoccio

  • The definition of Mindfulness is being present in the moment, no matter what the moment brings – whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant.
  • Relaxation is NOT the purpose of Mindfulness.  It is a POSITIVE side effect.
  • By continuing a Mindful Practice, you decrease your distracted mind. Once you acknowledge your distracting thoughts, emotions, feelings, and bodily sensations, you can ‘let them be’ in order to ‘let them go’ … and the distracting aspects of your life begin to dissipate because you have accepted them.
  • Remembering that the moment you realize that you are no longer Mindful, You Are!
  • Using the Seven Attitudinal Factors: non judging, patience, non striving, trust, beginners mind, letting go and acceptance … you empower your Mindfulness Practice with these.
  • Simply come back to your breath.
  • Once you allow and make time for Mindfulness in your life — you have the power to create the life you truly want to live!